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Bar is definitely the place with the most pleasant climate on the Montenegrin coast! That is why this city under Rumija experienced a real settler boom in the last two decades.

When you enter Bar from the direction of Šušnj, at the roundabout left separates the transit route through the city center. At the beginning of the transit road, on the left are petrol and gas stations, and the hotel "Castello". To the left of the gas station, where you take the boulevard of the revolution, is an attractive new Orthodox church of St. Jovan Vladimir.

Bar is port city and tourist destination and the final railway station on the Belgrade-Bar. Located on the wide area between the sea and the hills of the mountain Rumija, Bar had through history always strategic importance. Rapidly developed last thirty years and it's always something being built, and most are buildings.

Commercial offer at Bar is extremely rich, especially with the latest fashion clothing and footwear from Italy. The town has five large trading houses. Bar is, no doubt, a major economic center, the second largest in Montenegro.

Bar is not only an economic but also a famous cultural center. This town's always something happening on the cultural plan, and throughout whole year. For it is certainly the most responsible Cultural Center. In the tourist season festival "Barski ljetopis" has a very rich program, which includes guest performances and concerts "City Theatre" from Budva. In the autumn in this city under Rumija maintained and International TV Festival, with the participation of television productions from all continents.

Bar Sports Centre, with a modern gym and several grass fields for various sports, has become an attractive place for year-round gathering, training and competition of athletes from Montenegro and abroad.

Travel agencies from Bar organized trips by bus and cruise ships to Dubrovnik, busvan for the Skadar Lake, Podgorica, Biogradsko Lake, Ostrog Monastery, Cetinje, Lovcen, Kotor, Budva, Sveti Stefan, Ulcinj, Stari Bar, and even to the far blue and the National Park Prokletije.

Tourist organization of Bar enriches the offer of this area during the summer and spectacular concerts of pop and folk music, which are held on the square and promenade of King Nikola.

Bar visitor, which didn't see Mirovici old olive trees (over 2000 years!) And the Old Bar, as if it never resided in this city. Every year from 22 to 25 November in Bar held International Children's poetry and art collection "Encounters in the Old Olive." Only two olives in the world are older then Bar olive (Israeli and Tunisian). In Montenegro it once existed a custom that no one guy could not marry if not tens of olive trees planted.

Old Bar Town

History of the new Bar is in fact the history of Old Bar.

On the coast, was once a Greek colony called Antibarum, probably because the place was located opposite the city of Bari in Italy.

Has evolved and evaluations made through the centuries until it was completely safe for habitation. That place is the current Old Town Bar. Away from the coast, about 5 kilometers. In historical sources the town was first mentioned at the end of the ninth century under the name Antivari. Maybe the name comes from the name of the tribe of the Avars, who, together with the Slavs settled the territory of Montenegro in the 6th and 7th century. Later, the bar more often mentioned, especially after the famous battle of the Bar in 1042, led by a gifted military leader and commander Vojislav (1017-1050). The battle against the Byzantine army was fierce. Zeta army is completely defeated the mighty Byzantine army and its allies in this battle.

After this battle Zeta became a free and independent state.

Montenegrins liberate Bar in 1878, when Montenegro at the Berlin Congress recognized an independent state. Old Bar was then demolished. As the state was free, rapidly began to develop a new bar on the coastal location.

Bar is constituted of the fortified city core, encompassed by the walls and support. The old town was badly damaged in the disastrous earthquake in 1979 and partially renovated in the late 20th century. The old gate dates from the 11th century, the walls of the 11th and 12th century, which were restored in the 14th and 15th centuries. Part of the Old Town was erected in the 15th and first half of the 16th century, at the time of Venice.

Since 2000, on the main street of the Old Bar each year to maintain a very interesting ceremony Maslinijada. For more than a hundred stalls decorated with exposed olives, olive oil, citrus fruits, honey, wine, brandy and Jozova beautiful handmade products. Probe local food products and beverages is free, and the purchase of large quantities obtain a substantial discount in the price.

In mid-2014, the construction of a new and luxurious mosque with two minarets and madrassas.

The Bar Riviera

The Bar Riviera, 46 km long, starting from the west bay Pecin, where there is a beautiful Queen's Beach. Next the lower of: Čanj, Misci, Sutomore, Brca, Čanj, Šušanj, Bar, Old Bar, Polje, Zaljevo, Tomba, Ujtin Potok, Nisice, Dobra Voda, Dubrava, Pedurice, Utjeha and Bušat. Above, below the mountain Rumija, there is wood area Mrkojevića, agricultural oasis Bar Riviera.

The special value of the Bar area is extremely good relations among residents of different ethnic and religious affiliation.

Guests at the Bar Riviera enjoying a special privilege to which it can arrive by train. And they can ship to Italy.

The whole Bar area is rich crops of citrus fruits and vegetables. In this region, in addition to other fruits, olive groves, orange, tangerine, lemon, fig and kiwi. It is already widely known variety "Bar orange," which has a specific and pleasant taste.

On Bar Riviera are especially prominent tourist places Canj, Sutomore, Susanj, Bar, Veliki Pijesak and Utjeha, and of cultural and historical value of Old Town Bar and Holy Cross. Vladimir. The old olive tree, whose age is estimated at more than 2000 years, is a natural monument of special value.


Čanj bay with its long pebble and sandy beach a pleasant place to rest. West of Canj, at bay Pecin, is a beautiful Queen's Beach, which used to be bathed and Queen Milena, wife of King Nikola. For now, this beach is accessible only by sea.


When arriving by train from the direction of Podgorica and Belgrade, the first place you see, along with the sea is Sutomore. Along the coast is a long sandy beach. You'll have a nice view of the open sea. Along the coast in Sutomore there are a number of cafes, pizzerias and restaurants.

When entering the area from Sutomore Petrovac on the right, on the hill is the fortress Haj-Nehaj. The fortress above the coast, built in the 15th century by the Venetians in the 16th century enlarged and strengthened by the Turks.

Bar – Utjeha

When you leave the town of Bar and headed in the direction of Ulcinj, after two kilometers, after the bridge, there is a left fork for Mirovići times, or until the old olive trees. There is a complex Dubrava above the famous beaches and the Great Sand, the largest weekend resort in the southern Adriatic. In it every day during the summer are around 10 thousand people! Driving away from the Great sand, can be reached in a cottage settlement Consolation, where there is also a beautiful pebble beach. Behind the beach is an ancient olive grove with olive trees more than a thousand years.

Here is the sea turquoise.